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Posts tagged ‘LED Pens’

REVIEW: The Versatile and Practical LED Pen


Marketing managers are constantly on the lookout for corporate gift ideas that effortlessly standout, are practical, and speak well of one’s brand.  The smart, versatile and hybrid LED pen fits the description. This corporate gift item is worth adding into one’s marketing arsenal.

As the name suggests, the LED pen doubles as a pen on one end and a LED light on the other.

Lightweight and durable, it does the job of a handy tool that serves a variety of purposes.

As a pen, the LED pen glides smoothly on paper, allows for a comfortable, firm hold, and is small enough to be tucked inside a pocket or a folder. It can also fit nicely inside a purse or a small case.

As a LED light, it will surprise you how much illumination it can give. The light can be used as a reading light, as a probing light, or even as a search light for small areas.

Because of its dual purpose, the LED pen is a perfect travelling companion as well as a nifty tool that can be used every day in the office or at home.

As a marketing manager for a pharmaceutical company, my team and I were looking for ideas for meaningful corporate gifts to give doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members. Our considerations were that the gift should not be lavish, should promote ethical practice, and that it would be something the recipients would love to use.

We reviewed several corporate gifts ideas and suppliers and finally decided on LED pen for three reasons:

1. We were buying for over 1,000 doctors, nurses and hospital staff members and so one of the primary considerations was inevitably the price.

Of all corporate gifts ideas – including mugs, small towels, travel bags, etc. – only the LED pen delivered on the price. The LED pen offered the greatest value for money because it was relatively cheaper and yet it never failed to make our target recipients excited to receive it.

2. The LED pen is a versatile tool that can serve several purposes. Certainly, the pen can be used for signing prescriptions, taking notes, and the LED light can be used to conduct simple physical examination.

3. Paper weights, plush toys or pillows, and figurines are all good corporate gifts ideas, but let’s face it, most of the time these types of corporate gifts end up collecting dust. We chose the LED pen because of its practical uses. As our recipients use the LED pens every day, we’ve come to see how regular usage of the pen became a way of them remembering us.

After we decided that we were giving away LED pens, the next question that came up was “Where do we buy these LED pens?

The answer was Personal Times Business Gift

Personal Times Business Gift is one of the leading online corporate gifts shops in the country. Being a pioneer in the corporate gifts business, it has expanded its product portfolio over the years. The company makes corporate gifts giving personal. I was impressed at how they spent time talking to me about what I desire to achieve from my corporate gift giving and I thought that was the best way to demonstrate personalisation. It’s the little touches that made my experience with them truly delightsome.

On a final note, you might ask, if the LED pens have a lot of great uses, could there be at least one drawback about it?

The answer is yes.

The design of this particular LED pen is so that the body can be snapped apart in the middle. The good news is, you can easily snap it back on. In fact, there really shouldn’t be any trouble for you on this design, because the pen won’t snap on its own unless you intentionally do so. In other words, leave the pen intact and it works just fine!

Over-all, the LED pen is still a great way to make corporate gifts giving personal at home and at work.

The Gift Is In The Giving: Choosing truly delightsome and unique corporate gifts

There’s a good reason for companies to invest in corporate gifts. Gifts, in general, make their way to people’s hearts and warm up relationships. Meaningfully chosen corporate gifts have a great potential to build a company’s brand and sell its products.

The question is, is your company maximizing the power of corporate gifts giving? You could be investing enough money to buy gifts to give away to your employees or clients, but are you investing the time to choose unique corporate gifts that will be remembered for a long time?

One thing many business owners or marketing managers commonly fail to do when choosing corporate gifts is to give purposefully.

It’s common practice for companies to choose just one kind of corporate gift to give away to all employees, regardless of whether this gift is going to be appreciated by all.

You can make corporate gift giving a truly delightsome experience if you choose unique corporate gifts, or craft a unique experience for all your employees or clients using your choice of corporate gifts.

Here are five unique corporate gifts ideas and how to give them in such a way that creates the strongest, most positive impact:


LED Pens


These unique, versatile and practical LED pens smoothly write on paper and turn the light on objects as well. While almost anybody would love to have a LED pen, dentists, doctors, TV show producers, stocks supervisors, warehousemen are just some of the people who would be so excited to have these pens because these people could use a nifty tool that works on the double.

You can also turn these LED pens into unique corporate gifts by crafting a message that would go with it. For instance, you can give it away to a group of writers in a publishing company with an inspirational message that says “Light the path for others with the words you write.”

Check out the product here.


Luggage with weighing scale

Luggage with weighing scale

This product is genius! It absolutely eliminates the guessing game on luggage weight and with that, there’s no need to pay extra dollars for overweight luggage anymore!

This gift is perfect for everyone – from seasoned to occasional travelers, whether for business or leisure.

Check out the product here.


Universal travel adaptor with 2 USB ports

Universal travel adaptor with 2 USB ports


A common woe for many travelers – they pack travel essentials like a hair dryer or an electric shaver – but when they get to the room, the power socket is either too small or too big for the hair dryer or shaver to be plugged in. The result? A bad hair day or an unshaven face every day while on the trip!

The universal travel adaptor with 2 USB port is a unique corporate gifts idea that will take away these travel woes. It’s also easy to pack and won’t occupy much space in the luggage, a nifty tool for people on the go.

Check out the product here.


Foldable haversack

Foldable haversack

Wearable, durable and now foldable – the foldable haversack is a unique corporate gifts idea that will suit many lifestyles. For traveling, going on a picnic, or on any outdoor activity, the foldable haversack keeps belongings safe and can also be tucked neatly away when not in use.

Check out the product here.


500 ml vacuum flask with cup lid

500 ml vacuum flask with cup lid

The 500-ml vacuum flask with cup lid stands out as a unique corporate gifts idea because it doubles as a drinking flask and at the same time a fashionable bottle with a cup lid to share a drink with others. Making the most of the lid by turning it into a handy cup is what makes this product unique!

Check out the product here.

Not all corporate gifts are created equal. Choose unique corporate gifts and make your gift giving a truly memorable experience for you and for those you’re giving to!