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Posts tagged ‘Bluetooth Speaker’

10 Types of Corporate Gifts for Success

Just because something is given away for free doesn’t mean that it should be looked upon as impractical or worthless. This is the bane of most corporate gifts, event giveaways, and promotional items. Instead of being attractive enough to entice event-goers to pick one to bring back home, attendees seem to gag at the mere sight of it because of its stereotypical nature. Continue reading ‘10 Types of Corporate Gifts for Success’ »

Top 25 Corporate Gifts People Won’t Throw Away

Corporate gifts aren’t just limited during the holidays. And while the ubiquitous thank you note is a mainstay among the best PR practices, well-designed and carefully thought out gifts for employees, existing business partners, and potential clients say a lot about you and your organisation. Continue reading ‘Top 25 Corporate Gifts People Won’t Throw Away’ »