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Home > Computer Accessories & USB Products > 60W Data Cable Set with Retractable Charging Cable

60W Data Cable Set with Retractable Charging Cable

Product Description

Connectivity: Multiple interface options, including micro USB, USB-A, and Lightning, ensure compatibility with a variety of devices.

Dual Card Slots: Equipped with slots for both SIM and TF cards, complete with a handy SIM ejector tool for convenience.

Travel-Friendly Design: Compact and all-in-one solution perfect for travel, minimizing the need for multiple adapters.

High-Speed Data Transfer: Enjoy a rapid 480 Mbps data transfer rate for quick and efficient file exchanges.

Built-in Phone Holder: Features a built-in holder for your phone, providing hands-free convenience during use.

Retractable Wire: The retractable wire can stretch up to 1m, offering flexibility and tidiness in cable management.

High Power Output: Boasts a robust 60W power output, ensuring efficient charging for your devices.