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@Power Bank - Portable Phone Charger@

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“Save The Day” With Power Bank

A flat battery may be no big deal when you’re at home or in the office with a charger and an electrical outlet in sight.

However, a charged battery can “save the day” in critical scenarios, especially when you are caught in the situation whereby a power outlet is nowhere in sight.

Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with an ingenious solution to this predicament of the technology-oriented generation—the power bank.

Power banks are portable chargers for electronic gadgets (e.g. tablets, smart phones, and laptops). A power bank can charge a phone several times, depending on the battery’s capacity and the power bank’s specifications.

Why Is Power Bank an Ideal Corporate Gift?

Function is one of the primary considerations when choosing the perfect corporate gift.

The power bank serves as a brilliant business and corporate gift as majority of the Singapore population owns a mobile device.

Power banks eliminate the need to dash to the parking lot to charge in the car, or to enter a restaurant in search of an electrical outlet. All that is needed is to connect the power bank to a power source, allow it to power up before leaving the office or home, and it will be ready to charge devices on-the-go.

It can be a lifesaver during long drives or meetings; your client will be sure to appreciate it!

Why Purchase Power Banks from Personal Times Business Gift?

Personal Times Business Gift is a leading corporate gift provider in Singapore, providing businesses with high-quality gifts at affordable prices.

As a testament to our dedication in delivering only the best, we allow 1-to-1 exchange (T&C applies) for our power banks to ensure that our clients enjoy not only the best pricing in Singapore, but also products of the best quality.

When mobile devices have everything that is needed for work and entertainment, the last thing anyone wants is a flat battery. Get our reliable power banks – the solution to gadget charging woes and delight your clients today!

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