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Welcome to Personal Times Business Gift – Corporate Gifts Singapore

Turning Corporate Gift Giving into a Delightful Experience

For over twenty years, Personal Times Business Gift has consistently satisfied its extensive list of clientele (SMEs and big corporate companies alike) with exceptional, innovative corporate gifts simply remarkable for their top-notch quality and unbeatable prices.

Personal Times’ signature mesh of superior product quality and excellent customer service attaches to every corporate gift. We take pride in how we live up to your unique client expectations by simply giving you what you really want – customized, quality corporate gifts available to you at the best prices!

Regardless of your company size, we make sure that when you choose us as your business gifts provider in Singapore, all corporate gifts orders are customized to perfection and catered to your recipients right on the dot.

Keeping our promises to you sits on top of our priority list. Our sheer willingness to go the extra mile to pursue client satisfaction has made us the “favourite” corporate gifts company of numerous clients based in Singapore.

Why Choose Personal Times Business Gift?

Many clients have chosen us to be their corporate gifts partner in Singapore, so why not collaborate with us? A handful of the best corporate names have relied on us for their corporate gifts and promotional needs, and it’s about time you let us take care of your corporate gifts needs too. Here are some reasons why you should choose Personal Times Business Gift as your corporate gifts provider:

1. Enjoy a wide variety of gifts choices.

As your preferred company for corporate gifts in Singapore, Personal Times Business Gift offers you a wide range of corporate gift items to choose from. We have high quality business gifts ranging from power banks, usb mini pan, key holders, customized notebook, pens, travel adapters, bags, umbrellas, gadgets to home decors and office accessories.

Simply put, we’ve got everything you need to maintain goodwill with your company employees and consumer/client databases. Our promotional gift sets and premium corporate gifts are customised to suit your needs and taste so you can present gifts with a personal touch.

2. Get your money’s worth with tailored business gifts.

As the leading company of corporate gifts in Singapore, Personal Times makes sure that all  promotional gifts we supply to you are custom made with quality materials.

Our promotional gifts and business gifts aren’t run of the mill; they’re expertly crafted for durability. Our expertise stems from our ability to match the best gift ideas to your particular corporate gifts demands.

3. Our team understands what outstanding customer service is.

Our staffs are professionally trained to respond to every client enquiry with enthusiasm.

Our team members are polite, courteous, reliable and on-time. We work with integrity and we are always motivated by our passion to give your company the excellent corporate gifts quality it deserves, order after order.

4. Our product line is novel and ever evolving.

Our corporate gift products pages are always updated. We devote our time to understand our clients’ (and their recipients’) needs, and based on this understanding, we do our best to come up with novel and new gift ideas.

Novelty marks our workmanship, mainly because we invest time and effort into bringing in novel and unique gifts ideas from abroad into the local gift giving markets, solely to make gift giving a pleasurable experience.

Here at Personal Times Business Gift, every corporate gift ushers in a delightful experience especially made for you, your company and your recipients. Witness us perform beyond your expectations.

For corporate gift giving with a personal touch, talk to us today!

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